Food-Court and Beverages Trends

by Lenka Matthews

The shopping trends and habits of Western European customers usually come to the Czech Republic with a couple of years delay, but they do come. This also applies to the food-court, catering and beverages, which play an increasingly important role.

New perception of shopping centers

The main reason is the change in the perception of shopping centres. They have become a part of the community in cities and regions where customers spend more and more time. Another aspect is the growth of customer spending and willingness to spend more for high-quality food, refreshments and to eat out more often.

When JLL published its analyses and predictions on the share of the food & beverage segment in the UK a couple years ago, it was a shock for industry experts, from experienced retailers through shopping centre teams to landlords. According to JLL’s report, shopping centres in Europe will designate up 20% of GLA area to refreshment formats within ten years. However, the report also stated that there will not be a dramatic leap in developed countries. For example, in the United Kingdom, the size of food-courts has doubled since 2015 to 15% on average. In large regional centres, food-courts already cover 20%.

VEGG-GONew concept Vegg-go expanding into shopping malls across Czech Republic

The reasons for the expansion of the food & beverage segment, supported by developers and property managers, are obvious. Food-court visitors have 18% higher spending and spend about half an hour longer in centres. It is also important that high-quality refreshments have become a number one reason why customers return and choose a shopping centre.

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