In any retail asset today, the leasing strategy and process is an essential and critical part of the long-term asset strategy. Every strategy has to be tailored to the individual asset, client´s and tenants´ requirements, but also customers’ expectations and needs.

Are you ready to Retale-Your-Retail?

Leasing Strategy

Creating the leasing strategy based on the feasibility study* to define the asset positioning, and its concept towards tenants and customers.

* to understand the profile of the catchment area, competition and situation on the local market, to identify the potential market, and shopping behaviour of customers.

Defining the tenant mix (new tenants, downsizing, upsizing, relocations), competitive advantage, and unique selling points in line with positioning and market analysis.

Proposing the segmentation of the tenant mix in order to achieve the maximum tenants’ synergy, and logical customers journey.

Preparing internal ERVs, minimum vs maximum rents for each retail space, CAPEX, lease incentives, and identifying other income opportunities (e.g. Specialty Leasing).

Creating leasing materials and digital tools.

Setting up the communication with all stakeholders involved, approval process and reporting.

Executing the agreed strategy.

We are committed to delivering:

  • Tailored services provided with high standard of service, and in line with Asset Management Strategy and KPIs.
  • Results based on agreed strategy.
  • Added value.
  • Acting with integrity, trust, respect and responsibility.