Clients References

Maciej Malewski, Expansion Department, H&M Hennes & Mauritz CZ
“I have been working with Lenka for several years. She is diligent, organised, exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate about retail. She is great communicator, extremely efficient and always prepared to support me and my team with information needed. Although she represented landlord, she never failed to understand our business model and requirements, and was keen to negotiate lease terms which were mutually beneficial for both parties. It is rare to meet professional like her, and I will welcome to work with her on the future projects.”

Milan Petr, Owner of McPen
“After all these year I have been working with Lenka, I still remember the first time we met! In the best possible way, her work style is extremely unique to find in business. Lenka is professional, diligent, articulate and persuasive communicator, skilled negotiator – a person that commits a tremendous amount of energy to deliver high quality work. She inspires me with her willingness and passion to continuously learn, by seeking new, and original approaches in our retail business. And I must say, as an owner of stationary concept, I never ever met anyone who swears by pen and paper like Lenka😊 It is always great pleasure to work with her.”

Sandrine Fauconnet, Asset Manager
“I have had the opportunity to work with Lenka for over 12 months in the context of Lease Management of two shopping centres owned by Bainbridge in the Czech Republic. Lenka is efficient, has a knowledge and experience in retail market. The communication between us has always been good with interesting exchanges on a case by case basis when required. She is also open to different perspectives. 
With her negotiation skills she managed to achieve very good results in re-leasing and renewing all lease contacts on the property allowing us to enhance its financial value together with a good tenancy mix. Finally, it has always been enjoyable to work with Lenka.”

Oliver Nougarou, Director of Operations Central Europe
“Lenka was responsible for the entire Marketing agenda for all three Shopping Centres in Prague, both, strategically and operationally. Her responsibility also included corporate marketing and PR for the company. Lenka reported directly to me. She did an excellent job in this position through which she contributed to the company results. She managed in a very short time to re-structure and introduce a new marketing strategy and actively managed a few key strong minded stakeholders, as well as internal departments, suppliers and retailers. Lenka has a real passion for retail and shopping centers. She is hardworking, committed and dedicated individual. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organised, works independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. I highly recommend her for any role she chooses to pursue.”


Thomas Livera, Export Business Developer chez IGOL Lubricants
„It has been a great pleasure to work with Lenka. Diplomatic and pleasant, I can assure you that she is a fantastic person with great interpersonal skills. Her language competencies and her natural enjoyment were strong assets for our partnership. I would like to add that Lenka shows an interest for various industry sectors and the will to adapt the messages to specific audience.“

Silvia Preda, Sales at miduny design | Business Development at alepreda architecture
„In today’s society is more and more difficult to meet people that are not only “expert” thanks to a title, but also highly reliable, supportive, and invested with passion in what they do. I believe Lenka is one of these few people who you really want to work with! She has it all! Thanks to her broad experience, amazing personality, and international reach, she is able to connect people all over the world and create unique business opportunities. I am personally very grateful to Lenka both for her outstanding professional and human support.“

Ellen Lewis, Vice President, Marketing at Mark (former Meyer Bergman)
“I worked with Lenka over four years and can honestly say that she is one of the best leasing agents I have come across internationally. She combines a unique and rare understanding of leasing, marketing and asset management – and always delivered on business strategies – often exceeding these. She is highly respected by her peers in the industry and couples this with a very infectious personality. I can state without any doubt, that anyone who chooses to work with Lenka Matthews has made a great business decision.”

Alexander Chlumecky, Director Expansion/Legal CSEE bei Deichmann
„Knowing Lenka for many years, I truly appreciate her professional Know-how, her Hands-on approach to solve issues and challenges and her inspiring ideas. I am looking forward cooperating with her in the future again.“

Jerzy Tymofiejew, Chief Investment Officer w Netto Polska, VP Salling Group
„Lenka is a fun to work with. It is hard nowadays to meet a person who has so much energy (it must Starbucks coffee🙂) and passion as Lenka. Her Real Estate and Retail knowledge is at the top level. I can recommend Lenka as a great partner to work on any sort of projects or deals in the Retail and Real Estate industry!“

Mahipat Singh, Director at Harvey Singh Hill & Jaipur 1727
“I have had the pleasure to work with Lenka over the last few years. Lenka has tremendous energy to take on impossible workload and then actually not sleep until it is executed to the highest level. The ability to learn and grasp the nuances of any complex strategy very quickly. Lenka is a people’s person and her brand negotiations skill are outstanding. She has the ability to think globally and to execute it to the micro level. Having worked for some of the leading retail Brands internationally which include Habitat International, Selfridges, Marks and Spencer and TSUM, Moscow, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most talented people in the industry. Lenka is up there with the best.”

Camille Maquin, COO at AMI PARIS
„I had the pleasure to work on a project in Prague with Lenka. Her passion and commitment to retail are outstanding. Lenka also thrives in multi cultural environment and has a great international background. Her expertise goes beyond the borders of Czech and European markets. Finally, it would not be complete without mentioning her upbeat personality and sense of humour!“

Pavel Stanek, Founder of Potten & Pannen – Stanek🍽 Czech entrepreneur making you to dance in your kitchen:-)
„I have been working with Lenka for the past two years when she was the leasing director of the dept. store Kotva in Prague. Lenka is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve worked with and is willing to go the extra mile to help you when needed. Her expertise in retail and marketing is considerable and it helped our team a lot. Her contributions were really valuable to our company as well the planning for our new retail project. I highly recommend Lenka as a goal-oriented and very professional leader but also as an honest, genuine and fun person to work with. It will be my pleasure to work with Lenka together again.“

Alena Záhorská, former Managing Director of Yves Rocher (Czech and Slovak Republic)
„Lenka is actually a very action woman. We did several business cases together, which were very successful. Her optimism will solve any complications.“

Jean-Guillaume Pollet, VP EMEA Jo Malone London & EDP Frederic Malle at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.
„I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Lenka while in Prague. She is a strong retail professional, pro-active in her communication mode and with a very good understandings of brands and their positioning. I have also valued her ambition and motivation to constantly achieve the goals we had set together.“

Clare Ramshaw, Regional Manager at Warehouse Fashions
„I first met Lenka over a year ago. From the get-go I was captivated by her rare, genuine and authentic aptitude in building relationships. Lenka has a unique ability to challenge the status quo, seeking opportunities in every situation which always leads to a positive and successful outcome.
She’s a dynamic and inspiring individual who embraces any project with vigour, resilience and determination. It’s a pleasure to be in her company as she exudes confidence, knowledge, know how and demonstrates this all with warmth and integrity.“

Lucy Macleod, Head of Franchise at Agent Provocateur
“I worked with Lenka on a special project with AP. She was incredibly professional and engaging, with significant knowledge and understanding in her field. She offered wonderful insights and delivered the project outline and strategy in a very compelling way. I would definitely work with Lenka again on future projects. Thank you for your expertise Lenka!”

Marco Baldassari, Imprenditore presso ELEVENTY FIRST Class Made in Italy
“I had the opportunity to work with Lenka , I can confirm that Lenka is extremely professional and she has a great experience in our industry.”

Caroline Greer, Fashion Director at Kotva Prague
“Lenka was a pleasure to work with and her passion for fashion was infectious. Leading the leasing team, she proved to be an excellent self-motivator which led to great relationships with brands, and her nature and drive was crucial to the success in meeting our goals.”

Karel Šmerák, CFA, Group Director – Capital Markets and Transactions at EOS Holding (member of the Otto group)
„Lenka is a top-notch marketing professional with a strong track record in property marketing and dedication to excellence that is hard to beat. If you need to launch, reposition or just keep up the project, she is right on top of it – from A to Z.“

Johnny Dunford, Co-Founder at Fixxa
“During my time as Managing Director at DTZ, Lenka was a very effective retail agent. Always lively and full of good ideas Lenka was a pleasure to have on the team. Well respected by peers and clients alike, Lenka has a very effective approach to any problem thrown at her.”

Neil Burton, Global Practice Lead – Customer Strategy & Brand
Lenka has provided invaluable assistance in managing the relationship between Holmes Place and Unibail-Rodamco. I have found her to be tenacious in pursuing the best deal for her business, whilst at the same time delivering value for her partners. Lenka is a natural networker who has connected my business to many other positive partnerships too; I am extremely grateful.

Martin Řezanina, Team Leader, Head of Development
“There are few people I can talk so positively about. In my opinion, Lenka is experienced, agile, full of ideas, possesses great communication skills and is a creative thinker. Lenka can adapt herself to work well in any team environment. She possesses drive and tenacity, always remaining a hard-working professional with comprehensive involvement no matter what difficult task she under takes. Lenka is a person with a big heart, she can easily light up your day. She is a good friend, always saying what she thinks and what you need to hear. If you are looking for this kind of person, you must talk to her.”

Eva (Pilátová) Venhodová, Marketing and Communications Manager at The Prague Concert Co
Lenka is a dynamic professional with a solid understanding of the retail / shopping centre business. She is energetic, with a great passion for what she does, always streaming for the best outcome. She requires high quality work from herself as well as from others.

Petra Popová, Real Estate Professional
“It makes me very proud to have such a successful working experience and colleague relation with an individual as dedicated as Lenka is. She is an organized, multitasking person with strong communication skills and an overwhelming concern for client satisfaction. She shows a true commitment to an excellence in every aspect of her job performance. I am confident, due to Lenka´s vast experience and knowledge, she will be successful in whatever role she decides to pursue in the future. I would like to stress her ability to be independent at work and provide her expert assistance to everybody, not only, within the team. Her enthusiasm and eagerness makes for solving the most challenging cases and support in obtaining new instructions. Lenka is a natural leader and will be a true asset to any organization.”


Forum Nová Karolina Ostrava

Forum Nová Karolina

Forum Nová Karolina, the dominant 58,000 sq m fashion and leisure shopping centre in Ostrava, celebrated its fifth birthday...

Futurum Hradec Králové

Futurum Hradec Králové

Futurum Hradec Králové, a popular and visited centre, was opened in 2000, and it was expanded in 2012....


In the previous years, Lenka held responsibility for leasing strategy and optimising tenant mix on following assets:

  • Department Store Kotva Prague
  • Forum Nová Karolina
  • Futurum Hradec Králové
  • Fórum Ústí nad Labem
  • Brno Královo Pole
  • Oáza Kladno
  • Galerie Butovice

In years 2010-2012, Lenka was responsible for the strategic and operational marketing for:

  • Centrum Chodov (Westfield Chodov)
  • Centrum Černý Most